Twas the Night (or week) Before Christmas

Twas the Night (or week) Before Christmas

Posted: December 17, 2021 |

Twas the night (or week) before Christmas and all through SLC

            Employees were crafting labels and IFUs with much jubilee

The products were boxed for shipping with care

            In hopes FEDEX and UPS soon would be there

From pressmen and women to graphic design

            Each precious employee’s performance was sublime

Always ensuring the customer would be happy and relaxed

            Even accounting made sure each item was taxed

When all of a sudden arose such a clatter

            We all ran to the breakroom to see what was the matter

And there we found Steve in his kerchief and Nate in his cap,

            Don in his ugly sweater and Karyn directing with a snap!

Surrounding each of them was delicious treats and a nutritious lunch

            And upon the table were many gifts – such a bunch!

They happily called names like Madelyn and Maria

            Jaypee, Simon, Kresha, Nick and Karina

Each employee was delighted for their coworkers gain

            They applauded and cheered, whooped and sang

Soon Steve, Karyn, Don and Nate wrapped up the fine time

            And wished each and every one a Christmas most sublime

But as they headed back down the hall

            I heard someone whisper, “a merry Christmas to all!”

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