President’s Message & Mission Statement

A Few Words from our President     

To a large degree, we select our vendors and employees based on their character. In a similar way, our style of doing business flows out of our character as a company. We want our customers and prospects to understand the underlying philosophies that determine our style.

  • Focus on the fundamentals. We are proud of our 99%+ on-time delivery performance and our 0.25% return rate. But we will continue to apply our creativity and energy to getting to 100% and 0% respectively.
  • We're in it for the long run. We will not jeopardize a customer relationship for a short term gain. We'll bend over backwards to make sure a customer feels they have been treated fairly. This must at least be a partial cause of the fact that the majority of our new customers come to us by referral. As a result, we guard our reputation carefully -- it's our most valuable asset!
  • Accessibility. Regardless of how much we grow, our customers have the right to call anyone in our organization that can be of assistance to them. Including me. If we're not getting the job done, we want to know it.
  • Improvement. When we say we're "Working to be the Best Label Company in the World", the emphasis is on "working". It is a statement of desire and direction, not a statement of fact. We will never declare that we "are" the best, because only our customers can make that determination. We aren't perfect, but we are focused on making progress -- and we'll listen if you have ideas that will help!

Best Regards,

Steve Stong, President