How to Approve a Proof

The proofing process plays a very important role in providing you with the label you’re looking for. Every effort is made to see to it that your label artwork is correct. The proof is created according to the copy and information given to us. It is provided to you only as a REPRESENTATION of how your label will look. You'll need to check and review all specifications, including the text, size, shape, color callouts, and for errors in layout . It's not intended to be a press proof or an indication of actual paper stock or ink. Since we are printing the proof out on our laser printer, there is a little distortion and the colors will be close but never exact matches. Therefore, the size, shape, and color are approximate and are not to be measured or viewed as how the label will actually end up.

After reviewing all the details of the proof(s), check the boxes indicating which items are correct, sign, and return the signed proof to Steven Label. If something is not correct, please send the proof back to us indicating what needs to be corrected. This is a very important quality control step in our effort of attaining zero defects. Steven Label does not assume responsibility in case errors are found in the printed job if they have not been marked on the proof. The customer is responsible for all the information shown, regardless of where an error occurred, so please check it carefully.
The Anatomy of a Proof
Here are some things you should keep in mind when approving a proof:
Colors shown are only a representation of how the colors break, not for actual ink shade. Refer to color swatches shown in Pantone Matching System (PMS) book, Steven Label’s Color Tolerance Standard (CTS) card, supplied color match sample, etc.

“Check Box” lists all the actual specifications of the label. Please check if the Part Number, Size, Shape, Format, Material(s), etc. are correct or not correct.
A Proof with Arrows The proof is a laser printed copy on paper stock. Refer to Check Box for proper material.

Printed image is an approximate size. Refer to the Check Box list for the actual dimensions.

Occasionally, the supplied art must be revised for better printability or to match the blueprint. Read all notes and indicate if okay.
  PLEASE NOTE: Proof should be reviewed and signed with approval signature as soon as possible. We cannot proceed with the production run without customer’s authorization.