Label Engineering

Engineering Checklist

This helpful checklist lets you think about all the major things you need to consider before making a label.

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Adequate Documentation

The 5 basic things needed to correctly make your label.

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Press Capabilities

Comparison chart to help you decide which is the best printing process for your label.

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Selecting Laminating Adhesives (by Steven Label)

What you need to consider before choosing an adhesive.

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Barcode Comparison Chart

Here is a chart comparing information on some of the most commonly used industrial barcodes.

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Basic Material Trade-offs

Comparison chart showing advantages & disadvantages of using paper or plastic.

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Substrate’s Dynes/Cm

High Surface Energy Substrates, Low Surface Energy Substrates

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Glossary of Terms

Definitions of commonly used terms.

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Barcode Glossary

Definitions of commonly used barcode terms.

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