Repeatability & Reproducibility

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Steven Label has invested heavily in state-of-the-art inspection measuring equipment to support its Quality Assurance program. SPC and other forms of Process Control are integrated into the Steven Label STAT System.

All production floor process measurements and approvals are performed under a strictly controlled Quality Program (see QC Manual). All instruments and tools are calibrated and certificated on a regular schedule. New production dies are qualified and approved with a full First Article Inspection before being approved for production.

OPTEK VideoMic SystemFirst Article Inspections are performed on Steven Label’s OPTEK "VideoMic" System. The VideoMic is a computer controlled, 3-dimensional, programmable inspection system capable of measurements accurate to within 2 microns. This video-based system magnifies the part up to 200X and displays a high-resolution image of the surface and edges of the part. Sophisticated software uses a variety of enhanced Video Edge Detection (VED) algorithms, versatile video measuring tools and multiple reporting formats to allow Steven Label to quickly and reliably measure virtually any critical dimension of any part we manufacture.

OPTEK VideoMic SystemThe fitness of a measurement system for a given manufacturing process can be judged with the use of a Gage R&R (Repeatability & Reproducibility) Study. In the past, using micrometers, dial calipers and Optical Comparators, Steven Label was proud to boast an average R&R of under 15% of the typical label tolerance of +/- .010". Today, with the capabilities of the OPTEK VideoMic System, that R&R% is now under 5%. (Compare the R&R studies from 1997 and 2001.)

Because of its programmability and improved accuracy, the VideoMic almost completely eliminates operator variations as a source of measurement inaccuracy. Our investment in the best tools pays off in multiple ways for both Steven Label and our customers.