Serialization Control

Steven Label’s history as a supplier to the Medical Products industry, and our ability to leverage our STAT system to control our processes, has led us to a number of unique approaches to the control of serial numbers. These procedures benefit customers in every industry we serve. 

In many environments, a serialized label serves as the “birth certificate” for a product, like a blood oxygenator. A duplicate number compromises the integrity of the product database itself, sometimes with severe consequences ... as potentially severe as triggering a product recall. Regardless of the product, duplicate serial numbers compromise systems, and cause confusion and administrative headaches. 

Element 1, Serialization History.
Our control systems start with an iron-clad history of the serialization history for each part number. Whenever a new order of labels is produced, the STAT system calculates the appropriate sequence for the order. There are several safeguards in the software to prevent an order from going into manufacturing with an incorrect sequence. 

Element 2, 100% Verification of Readability and Sequence.
As barcoded labels are produced, each label is scanned for readability and to assure that the sequence stays in tact. Special procedures and software are used to assure that numeric integrity is assured whenever the printer is stopped, or rolls are changed or spliced. 

Element 3, Proper Labeling.
Each roll of labels receives a barcoded control label that specifies the content of the roll. This is later verified. 

Element 4, Shipping and Verification.
A verification step occurs at shipment that ties the entire control system together. As each roll is put in the shipping carton, both the control label and the first label on the roll itself are scanned. At this stage, the software performs a variety of verifications:

  • The control label properly identifies the roll of labels in the package.
  • The sequence being shipped is in the proper range called out for on the order.
  • This package of labels does not duplicate any other package that has been shipped on this order.
  • A complete history of shipped packages is created. For every package, on every order, we have a history of when it was put into the shipping carton, and what numbers it contained.

The result. The result of these procedures speak for themselves: Hundreds of part numbers, thousands of orders, and millions of labels shipped without

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